Why Learn About Death?

Among other benefits, death education can help us to:

  • Assist the individual in developing a personal eschatology by specifying the relationship between life and death.
  • Understand the dynamics of grief and mourning and the reactions of differing age groups to the death of a “significant other.”
  • Promote comfortable and intelligent interaction with the dying as human beings that are, indeed, living until they are dead.
  • Educate students about death so they grow with a minimum of death-related anxieties, which are too often based upon irrationality and myth rather than fact.
  • Understand the role of those involved in the death system and the assets and liabilities of that system.
  • Educate consumers to the commercial death market.
  • Recognize the variations involved in aspects of death both within and among cultures.
  • Cultivate a more realistic comprehension of the consequences of behaviors such as drunk driving, consuming drugs, smoking, and other risky and life-threatening acts.
  • Know the false idols and mythology existing in the growing field of death study, the salient heuristic questions, and the great need for learning more.


Why Learn About Death?

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