The Book

  A comprehensive manual for those reaching the end of life, and for their friends, relatives, advocates and caretakers. Abraham describes in detail the challenges faced by those who wish to avoid months or years of painful treatment after losing


  Advance Praise for How to Get the Death You Want: “John Abraham’s huge experience with end-of-life issues makes this book a veritable encyclopedia of the subject. There isn’t any aspect which he had not come across, thus addressed here


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“Many people do not want to talk about death for a single minute. John has been talking about it, studying it, and writing about it for forty-five years. He knows the subject. In those forty-five years (and I have known John for all forty-five of them) his knowledge has evolved and his passion has grown in a particular direction: wanting all of us to have just as much freedom in dying as we have in living. This, his latest publication, shows us, with all of John’s knowledge and all of his passion, how we can have that freedom. If you want such freedom, you need to read this book and study it.”

– Douglas Smith, M.Div., M.A., M.S., author of The Tao of Dying and The Complete Book of Counseling the Dying and the Grieving and other death-related books

“Any who are nearing the end of life, or who have loved ones with illnesses that may soon end their life, will find a wealth of information in this book. John Abraham brings such practical advice, written in accessible language, to the subject of preparing for dying. His decades of experience as a counselor to those near the end of life, supported by his actually having been with some who chose their own time of dying, makes the information he provides credible and valuable.”

– Richard MacDonald, M.D., Medical Director, Hemlock Society, 1993-2004; Senior Medical Adviser, Final Exit Network, 2005-2015; President, World Federation of Right To Die Societies, 2000-2002